Halloween Throw Pillows (10 Scary Ideas)

With Halloween just around the corner – or maybe not, it depends how far in advance you like to prepare – no doubt you are looking at spooky ideas when it comes to throw pillows.

Halloween Throw Pillows (10 Scary Ideas)

Throw pillows make the couch or bed just as comfy as usual, but when they are scary they can add a touch of Halloween to the most mundane of places.

From the typical spider webs and pumpkins, to the downright unusual and strange, I have put together the ultimate list of Halloween throw pillows with these 10 scary ideas.

Prepare to be spooked!

1. Skull And Frankie Shapes

The skull and Frankenstien pillows are strangely adorably cute. While the theme is scary (it is a skull and Frankenstien) the overall look is cartoonish.

After all, Frankenstein looks really happy with his smile and misshapen nose.

These characteristics make the pillows ideal for those with children. This is because, while the theme is monsters and scary things, they actually aren’t that scary.

Adding them to a couch or child’s bedroom would be ideal. Use lace as a throw on the couch under the pillows for a haunting effect. It will look like spider webs.

2. Spooky Black Cats

For those who love cats and all things witch-inspired, then they are going to love these black cat pillows.

While understated – they are black with a cat’s eyes, nose and whiskers – they will look great over the spooky holidays.

Not only that, because of being cat themed, they can be used as decor in the home all year round, especially if you have black cats.

If you would prefer to make your own, all you would need is a black pillow case, buttons for the eyes, a gem for the nose and either thread for the whiskers or fabric paint.

It may even make a nice creepy gift for a friend or family member no matter the time of year. However, Halloween will be the spookiest time for sure.

3. Black And White Spider Web

If cats are not your thing, then spider webs will surely be. Okay, while spider webs are likely to be nobody’s thing, they do look great during Halloween.

On a black pillow case the white of the spider’s web is a harsh contrast.

They are also very obviously for Halloween season, which makes them special every time they come out for the holidays.

You can make your own by purchasing a black pillow case and adding a spider’s web using fabric paint. Just make sure you have a steady hand!

You could also add a fabric spider to one for an even scarier effect. Just do not tell anyone and see if they notice.

4. Come Sit For A Spell

Halloween is a time for witches to don their hats and stir ingredients within their cauldron – and perhaps turn people into frogs!

While those who would like to be a witch may have this pillow adorning their decor all year round, this makes a wonderful touch for those who only believe in witches around Halloween season.

It looks really cute on a couch due to its rectangle shape. It can be put in front of square shaped pillows for a wonderful aesthetic appeal.

The orange color gives it the Halloween vibe too making it perfect for the spooky season (see also “15 Spooky Dishes You Can Make For Halloween“).

5. Black And Orange Pumpkin

Speaking of the color orange, it would not be Halloween without the traditional pumpkin.

If you want a design that says Halloween without being too obvious (for example blood splats), then a pumpkin it is.

It adds a cute yet simple touch to a couch, seating area or bed (see also “How To Build Platform For Your Ikea Bed“). Also, the colors are black and orange making it perfect as a Halloween themed pillow.

You can make your own too, though you may need some superb drawing and cutting skills.

Using a simple orange pillow, add a black layer of felt over the front of the pillow and attach it.

You should have already cut a large circle out of the black felt to reveal a large orange circle.

Using the same black felt, cut out a scary pumpkin. Apply this to the middle of the circle of the pillow. Finished!

6. Bloody Hands On White

For those who want to add really scary elements to their Halloween decor, then you need to think outside of the box of using pumpkins and witch inspired accessories.

During Halloween it is not uncommon to see blood stains, whether that is a person covered in fake blood along with their scary outfit, or draped over material in the home.

In fact, the more blood, the better – especially if you want your home to be very scary! After all, aren’t you hoping for trick or treaters?

A great way of adding touches of scariness to your home is by having white pillows with red blood splattered across them.

Want it to be even scarier? Have blood splattered hand prints included too. This is super easy to make yourself.

All you need is a white pillow and some red paint. Using an old toothbrush, dip it into some red paint and flick it to cover the pillow case with red ‘blood’.

You may want to protect surfaces as you do this otherwise you may end up getting red paint on the floor or table.

You will then want to press your hand in the red paint and then apply it to the white pillow case. It gives it a scary look.

7. Trick Or Treat Collection

Instead of just having one or two pillows, why not have a whole collection (see also “How To Organize Jeans Collection“) that works together? For example, this ‘Trick or Treat’ set.

Not only does it have a pillow each adorned with the three words, but the other pillows are inspired by the colors of pumpkins and fall.

You can make these yourself by looking for pillows that are inspired by Halloween and fall colors – think oranges and stripes.

You will then need three off-white or light brown pillows to write ‘Trick or Treat’ onto. You can do this using orange fabric paint.

8. Property Of Bates Motel

If you love scary movies, then a good way to keep the Halloween inspired decorations simple yet very effective is to have quote pillows.

Not only are they a conversation starter – people will recognize them – but they look quirky too.

This ‘Property of Bates Motel’ is a really fun pillow that is inspired by the cult slasher classic, Psycho.

In fact, you could have a whole collection and have a movie marathon which has also been inspired by these pillows.

Maybe friends and family could guess which quote is to which film and win some candy for getting it right.

You can also make your own versions too. All you need is a steady hand or letter stencils, and fabric paints.

Keep the cushion plain, whether that is a full block color or white.

9. A Simple Number 31

You could also go really simple and use the number 31 as the main design aspect of a cushion.

While it may seem a little too simple, it is all about the colors chosen and how you fit it with the rest of your Halloween inspired pillows.

If you are wanting to create a number 31 pillow (obviously for the date Halloween falls on), then go with a black pillow case and paint the numbers using a gold color.

You could also go with an off-white pillow and a deep orange number. There really are quite a few different combinations to try – heck, why not try them all?

10. Orange And White Ghosts

Who says you cannot mix cuteness with Halloween?

While some people may prefer to go all out and have it look like somebody has been murdered in their home, others like to have cute touches that celebrate Halloween in a different way.

Take this pillow for example: it is the orange color of Halloween (think pumpkins and fall) yet has cute ghost shapes upon it.

It is also really easy to make yourself. All you need is a dark orange pillow case and some towel material. Cut the ghost shapes out of the white towel and sew them onto the case.

All you then need to do is add black thread for the eyes. Don’t they just look super cute?

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen the full list of 10 scary Halloween throw pillows, you will have lots of ideas when it comes round to the spookiest time of the year.

It does not matter whether you are looking for haunting pillows that include blood stains and strange cats, or something a little more fun for when the kids are around – there are so many options.

However, there really is no doubt that Halloween is such a fun time of the year to dress up the decor at home!

At what other time of the year can you get away with having a ‘blood soaked’ pillow on the couch? Exactly!

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