How To Make A Candy Flower Bouquet

As someone with a sweet tooth, it’s always nice to receive a big pile of candy! But as fantastic as a handful of candy is, this gift doesn’t always look that impressive.

Instead, it might look like you simply raided your local dollar store in a hurry! So, how can we transform candy into an attractive gift?

How To Make A Candy Flower Bouquet

A candy flower bouquet uses candy bars, carefully secured with wooden skewers, wrapped up in tissue paper to create a gift that looks as good as it tastes. It’s like a flower bouquet, but with a touch more fun, and a lot more candy! Read on to find out how to make your own.

Choose Your Candy

Essentially, any kind of candy can be used to make a candy bouquet, as long as it comes in a wrapper! Loose candies and truffles might be delicious, but you won’t be able to glue a skewer to them (and they might get sticky as you work).

Instead, look for candies that come in brightly colored packaging, for the best looking bouquets.

The obvious choice for a candy bouquet is the favorite candy of the recipient! If you know exactly what they like, then you can make a candy bouquet that is personalized to them.

Otherwise, I recommend choosing a variety! By mixing and matching your candy bar choices, you can create a bouquet with plenty of color. Different candy choices will also help you to shape and style the bouquet, for the perfect finish. 

How To Make A Candy Flower Bouquet

Candy flower bouquets are very easy to make, and they look fantastic. 

To make your very own candy bouquet, you will need:

  • Candy bars (a mixture or full-size and fun size is a great way to build a bouquet)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden skewers
  • Ribbon
  • Tissue paper
  • Rubber band
  • Tape
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How To Make A Candy Bouquet

  1. Run a line of hot glue down the back of a candy bar. Carefully place the wooden skewer onto the glue, and press it into place. If your chosen candy has a seam flap on the back of the packaging, you can hide the skewer by gluing it within the seam.
  2. Repeat with all your candy bars, until they all have a skewer attached. Leave everything to dry completely, and avoid handling the candy too much.
  3. Lay out squares of tissue paper. Use several layers to make a sturdy and attractive wrapping. Arrange the square into a diamond shape, with a point facing upwards.
  4. Place your candy in the middle of the tissue paper, and arrange to form a pleasing shape. The top part of the bouquet should just reach the top point of the diamond. 
  5. When you’re happy with the arrangement, loosely secure the candy with a rubber band. This will make it easier to wrap, but you can still adjust the angles when you’re finished.
  6. Fold one side of the paper over the candy bouquet. Hold the right point, and wrap the tissue paper around the bouquet. If you have too much paper, neatly cut away the excess.
  7. Fold the other side of the paper over the bouquet. Hold the left point, and fold the tissue paper over. Your bouquet should now be neatly wrapped. You might want to secure some of these edges with tape, to stop your bouquet from becoming unraveled. 
  8. Fold the bottom of the tissue paper upwards, to form a base, and to neaten up your wrapping. This will prevent the skewers from poking out the bottom of the bouquet! 
  9. With your bouquet wrapped, you may want to adjust the candy arrangement slightly, to better suit the shape.
  10. Finish by tying a ribbon around your bouquet (see also “How To Make Pink Ribbon Quilt (For Breast Cancer Awareness)“), and it’s ready for gifting! Tuck a gift tag into the wrapping, for one final touch.

A Few Notes On How To Make A Candy Flower Bouquet

  • Don’t have a hot glue gun? No worries, you can make a candy bouquet by taping your wooden skewers to your candy bars. Using strong tape, and secure the skewer all along the wrapper.
  • Your candy flower bouquet doesn’t have to be just candy! You can always slip a few more gifts in with the wrapping, to make a truly exceptional gift.
  • Mixing fun size and full-size bars makes it easier to arrange the bouquet, and you can often grab bags of fun size treats from dollar stores.

Other Ideas For Candy Flower Bouquets

The idea of a candy flower bouquet is pretty simple. Take lots of candy, arrange it attractively, and give it as a gift! And because it’s simple, there are lots of ways to add variety.

Candy And Flower Bouquet

You can always add candy skewers to a traditional flower bouquet, to create a heartfelt gift with some fun surprises. Start by choosing a gorgeous bouquet.

Glue wooden skewers to a few candy treats (try not to go overboard, or you might crowd out the flowers. Either gently insert the skewers into the bouquet while wrapped, or unwrap the flowers. Arrange your candy skewers, and carefully wrap everything back up.

Wrapped Truffle Bouquet

Know someone who loves wrapped truffles, such as these from Lindor? These can also be transformed into a bouquet, although you need to use a different method.

Unwrap one end of the chocolate, and insert the skewer into the truffle. Secure the wrapping with a piece of ribbon. Arrange your bouquet, and wrap.

Make Your Own Candy

Pretty skilled in the kitchen? You can make a candy bouquet with your homemade creations by purchasing some food safe cellophane, and ribbons! 

If you’ve made truffles, wait for them to set and cool, and then insert a skewer into one end. Cut a square of cellophane, and wrap around the truffle. Secure the end with a ribbon.

If you prefer to make candy bars (or delicious candy bark), wrap your treats in cellophane, and secure with a ribbon. Then attach a skewer to the packaging with a line of hot glue.

Final Thoughts

Delicious, attractive, fun, and easy to make? The candy bouquet is an excellent gift, and you can personalize it to the recipient’s taste! 

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