How To Make A Car Seat Cover (With A Sweat Towel)

It can be beneficial to make your own car seat cover. For instance, you may want to protect the existing upholstery.

On the other hand, this upholstery may need to be replaced because it’s become old or damaged. Alternatively, you may simply want to make your car look more vibrant.

How To Make A Car Seat Cover (With A Sweat Towel)

It can be super simple to make a car seat cover. You can even use an old sweat towel to make this practical craft. Simply follow the instructions below!

How To Make A Car Seat Cover


This method won’t require too many tools. Most of this equipment is easy to obtain and much of it is sold in DIY stores (see also “DIY Canvas Photos: Crafts For The Holidays“).

All you will need is:

  • Measuring tape
  • A fabric to cover these seats, such as a former sweat towel
  • A marker pen (optional)
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine. If you prefer to hand sew, you will need a needle, thread, and a thimble
  • Pins


To construct these covers, all you have to do is:

  1. Accurately measure the car seats with a measuring tape. Keep a note of these measurements, as they will be crucial later on.
  2. Using these measurements, buy fabric for these covers. Of course, you will need enough fabric to cover these seats. Ideally, you should select a fabric that is both breathable and somewhat stretchy. Feel free to go for whatever color or pattern you desire.
  3. With the measurements that you noted earlier, begin cutting the fabric with scissors. It’s a good idea to make these pieces a little larger than the measurements. This way, you can ensure that the seat covers will fit. Cut pieces for the headrest, back support, and base of the seat. You may wish to draw these shapes onto the fabric first to ensure that they are the correct size.
  4. Cut out two layers of fabric. This will give the car seat extra protection.
  5. Return to the car. Lay each piece of fabric onto the car seat. This will allow you to see how they fit together. Plus, it will allow you to double-check that the pieces fit the car seat.
  6. Using a sewing machine, sew the layers of fabric together. From experience, the zigzag stitch works best.
  7. Next, attach the different components of the car seat cover. Ensure that the base and back support pieces have been firmly attached. Meanwhile, the headrest piece must be attached to the top of the back support piece.
  8. Sew elastic onto the back of the cover. This will enable you to attach it to the car seat.

How To Make A Car Seat Cover With A Sweat Towel

How To Make A Car Seat Cover With A Sweat Towel

It’s handy to have a sweat towel on-hand at all times, as you will never know when you need one of these towels. They are ideal for mopping up your sweat.

To make a car seat cover from your old sweat towel, simply wash the towel thoroughly to get rid of the sweaty smell. 

Ensure that the towel is large enough to cover the seat. Then, sew some elastic onto the back of the towel so that you can attach it to the car seat.

If you have a second sweat towel, sew them together for an extra layer.

Alternative Techniques

This technique works wonderfully. However, there are different designs that you can use. Some of these techniques are easier or more complicated than the one above.

Depending on your craft skills, feel free to try out these methods:

  • Instead of cutting out individual pieces for the different parts of the seat, just create one long strip of fabric. This method is super simple, though it will create a less fitted cover.
  • Consider putting pillow (see also “Halloween Throw Pillows (10 Scary Ideas)“) stuffing in between the two layers of fabric. This will give the cover a more padded texture. As a result, it will be softer to sit on. Not to mention, this stuffing can be super fun to work with!
  • Instead of making an individual piece for the headrest, simply make the strip of fabric a little longer than it needs to be. Then, cut a slit toward the top of the fabric. You can use this slit as a gap for the headrest.

What Fabrics Work Best?

Choosing the right fabric is key to this method. Preferably, you will want a breathable material. Otherwise, the car seat cover will not be very comfortable.

Lightweight fabrics are preferable during warmer weather while heavier materials are best for colder months.

Cotton is a good choice for these seat covers. You may want to visit your local fabric store to find the right material, as cotton is far from the only valid material.

Yet, you can also recycle some pre-existing items to make your covers. This includes bed sheets or old towels.

This will not only reduce costs, but it’s also a good way of recycling objects you no longer use. As mentioned, old sweat towels work particularly well.

In terms of style, you can use whatever you want. After all, this craft is a brilliant chance to give your car some personality.

Feel free to go for something bright if you want an eye-catching style. If you want something more classy and understated, opt for a more muted color.

If you are merely using these covers to protect the upholstery from dirt, the look of the fabric shouldn’t matter too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Are Usually Used To Cover Car Seats?

Traditionally, car seats are covered with leather. Unfortunately, leather upholstery is expensive and many vegan car owners have issues with genuine leather upholstery. 

Therefore, vinyl upholstery is a good substitute. It looks similar to leather but is more affordable. Not to mention, vinyl is easier to clean. Imitation leather also works well to cover car seats.

Can You Change The Material On Your Car Seats?

This material can be changed, though this is far from an easy job. Known as reupholstery, it’s best to hire a professional to do this rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Closing Remarks

Do your car seats need a little care and attention? Or do you simply want to keep them in their pristine state? Either way, car seat covers are an incredible craft.

This craft is not only practical, but it’s simple and fun to do. So why not give it a try?!

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