How To Make Felt Cookies (Celebrating The Girl Scouts)

The Girl Scouts have been around for well over a century now and their impact has definitely helped our society for the better – so it’s about time we celebrate the organization for all of its hard work! But how? 

A great, crafty way you can help celebrate the Girl Scouts is by making felt cookies.

How To Make Felt Cookies (Celebrating The Girl Scouts)

Whenever someone thinks of the Girl Scouts, they instantly think about the cookies – they’re just so iconic! But, if you are not a baker, then you can try crafting your own Girl Scout cookies out of felt! 

So, let’s take a look at how you can do just that! 

What Can Your Girl Scout Themed Felt Cookies Be Used For? 

Making felt cookies as a way to celebrate the Girl Scouts is great because they can be kept for a long time and used in so many different ways! 

Now only they make for great decorations, but kids will love to hold onto them and decorate their rooms using their own Girl Scout cookies.

They can double as toys for kids and can act as accessories for their own stuffed toys. You can even give them to your pets as toys too, just make sure your pet doesn’t tear it apart and try to eat the materials!  

Overall, they’re super cute and fun to make. You can even try selling your felt cookies in order to help raise money for the Girl Scouts, so grab your felt and give them a try!

What You Will Need

Before you start making your felt cookies, it’s important to make sure you have all the supplies you need.

After all, you wouldn’t start baking regular cookies without making sure you had all of your ingredients! So, what do you need to make felt cookies?

First up is the felt itself. Grab has much felt as you like in whatever colors you prefer. However, as we are going for Girl Scout cookies, it’s a good idea to opt for colors that best reflect the Girl Scouts.

You can try and make felt cookies with the iconic colors of the Girl Scouts (forest green, mustard yellow, brown), or try and replicate some of the Girl Scout’s most popular cookies like Thin Mints or S’mores.

For this, you will need beige felt, white felt, dark brown felt, and black felt. Of course, whatever color you choose is up to you! 

Next, stuffing – stuffing is pretty easy to get from most craft stores. The color or type doesn’t matter, just make sure you get plenty of it to stuff your felt cookies! 

Next up, a disappearing marker so you can outline your shapes on your felt. You will also need a pair of scissors to cut them out.

Then, embroidery cotton. It’s best to try and get cotton that matches the color of the felt you plan on using. This will keep the cookies looking as realistic as possible.

Also, make sure you have a sewing needle at hand – the finer the better! 

You should also grab any embellishments you plan on using – such as dark beads to act as chocolate chips, or extra material to cut out as flakes.

Once you have all the materials and supplies mentioned above, you will be ready to start making your felt cookies! 

How To Make Girl Scout Felt Cookies

How To Make Girl Scout Felt Cookies

The first step towards making your Girl Scout felt cookies is by drawing the shape into the felt you plan on using with your invisible marker.

If you are just going for a basic cookie, then you will need two circles – each around 2 ½ inches in diameter.

To help you get the right shape, you can try tracing around something circular like the bottom of a bottle or a roll of toilet paper.

However, you can try to be creative and make more  than just regular shaped cookies – why not try rectangular ones? 

You will need to cut out these two circles and they will function as the sides of your cookie.

To decorate each cookie, you can use embellishments such as small dark beads that resemble chocolate chips, or cut out little circles in other colors to act as candy, almonds, etc. 

Take each side of your cookie and decorate them with your embellishments. Sew them on using your sewing needle and embroidery cotton. Sometimes, I like to sew in small smiley faces to make them extra cute! 

Once your cookie sides are decorated, it’s time to start sewing them together. 

Place the cookies with their backs together and start sewing around the side using a blanket stitch. Remember to leave a small gap!

This gap will later be used to push the stuffing through either using your singers to the back of your marker pen. Don’t overstuff your cookies or you risk bursting the stitches! 

Once your cookies are stuffed, close up the remaining stitch and your felt cookies will be complete! 

Get Creative

Your felt cookies do not have to all be regular chocolate chip felt cookies. Instead, why not try to replicate some of the Girl Scouts’ most iconic cookies? These include: 

  • Adventurefuls – these cookies have a different colored center that will require extra felt, and you can use some colorful yarn to copy the chocolate drizzle. 
  • Caramel deLites/Samoas – these crispy cookies are donut shaped, so test your skill to include a middle hole in your felt cookies! 
  • Lemonades – Lemonades are iconic due to their fancy lemon-inspired patterns and to include this in your felt cookies, try sewing the pattern in! 
  • Girl Scout S’mores – these cookies are the ultimate test as they are rectangular in shape and are made of four separate layers! 

Final Thoughts

So, making felt cookies is a great way to celebrate the Girl Scouts and to flex your creativity, but if you need a little help along the way, this guide is right here for you!

Check out the information above to find out what supplies you need and how you can get creative with your cookie designs. But, most importantly, have fun! 

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