How To Make Your Own Arm Warmers? (With Old Socks)

Whether you are looking to do a fun craft project or have some old socks lying around, making them into arm warmers is a great way to make good use of them.

You could also pick up some socks from the dollar store, which I have done many times when making arm warmers.

How To Make Your Own Arm Warmers? (With Old Socks)

Arm warmers themselves can be quite pricey, so who doesn’t want to save some money making their own? Plus you can have fun choosing the design of socks that you want to use.

If this is something you are looking to do, then you have come to the right place. Here I shall show you an easy and simple way to create arm warmers using some old socks.

What You Will Need?

  • A pair of longer socks
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pins

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Make Arm Warmers Out Of Old Socks?

Here is a simple guide on how to make arm warmers using a pair of old socks. It should only take roughly 45 minutes to do.

You also do not need a sewing machine to complete this task.

Step 1: Figure Out The Length Of Arm Warmer

Before you can begin cutting and sewing, you will need to figure out the basics first.

Place the sock onto your arm until the knuckles on your hand nearly touch the heel part of the sock.

Place a pin at the heel of the sock at the top end, and place a second pin at the knuckle area of your thumb. This is the section where the thumb will come out of.

Step 2: Remove The Pins

Now that you have created your guides, you will need to carefully remove the sock away from your arm and hand.

You will then need to remove the pins. They should have created holes. These will be your guide moving forward.

Step 3: Figure Out The Length Of Arm Warmer

Because you should have a tiny hole made for the thumb by the pins, you will need to make it bigger in order for the thumb to be able to fit through it.

Using the scissors, cut a 3mm sized line that is big enough to be used as a thumb hole.

Step 4: Cut A Straight Line

Now is the time to pick up those scissors again! Use them to cut a fully straight line across the sock at the heel.

Make sure it is at the top of the heel where the sock bends on the inside. Once you find it, use the scissors to do a straight line cut across.

Step 5: Give The Arm Warmer A Try

Before you can go ahead, you may want to give the arm warmer a try. At this point it should fit properly as the steps to creating the fit have finished.

Unfortunately, if the fit is not good you may have to start again with another pair of socks. However, you could attempt to re-do the steps above.

While not impossible, it will make the arm warmer shorter. So keep this in mind.

Step 6: Use Knot Stitches In Thumb Hole

Unless you like your clothing to look a little ripped and worn over time, you will not want to skip this step.

Using the same color thread as the sock, use knot stitches around the thumb hole to stop it from tearing over time.

You can also use the knot stitch on the cut end of the arm warmer too, however you do not have to.

What will happen if you do not use a knot stitch is the socks will roll back which can look quite cute.

If you would prefer them to last longer, always use a knot stitch on any of the cut ends.

Step 7: Finished

Once you have added the knot stitches, you have finished. Give the arm warmer another try and marvel at your creation.

You will also have some low ankle socks which you cut off earlier. Instead of throwing them away, wear them as no-show socks to line your shoes.

Adding some knot stitches should help them to last longer and stop them from tearing. So not only do you have brand new arm warmers, but also a pair of liner socks.

Sounds like a win-win to me!

Final Thoughts

If you have an old pair of socks lying around that you do not tend to wear any more, then you can do something with them.

Arm warmers are a great way to add another layer under your coat without having to wear an extra sleeved shirt.

They also make a great addition when you are running in the fall or winter. If you do not want to make full arm warmers, this guide will also work for fingerless gloves too.

By just using regular sized socks, you can use the same steps above to create a shorter pair of ‘sock gloves’.

So, whether you are looking for a project to do with the kids, are wondering what to do with an old pair of socks, or would like to create your own handmade stocking stuffer, then arm warmers are a great thing to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Socks Do I Need To Make Arm Warmers?

Depending on the size of the arms, you will want to use socks that are slightly longer in length compared to regular socks.

They can be over the knee socks, or socks that reach just below the midway point of your calf muscle.

Any smaller and you will have wrist warmers instead, which still look just as cute.

Do I Need To Know How To Sew To Make Sock Arm Warmers?

You do not need to be a pro at sewing to make sock arm warmers.

So long as you have a basic knowledge of hand sewing, then you will be able to make sock-based arm warmers. In this guide it is just the knot stitch.

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