How To Store Lego In The Home

Once you begin to find Lego pieces between the cushions in your couch, underneath the television set, or in your vacuum cleaner, you should look to store them properly.

Work out the storage space in your home and where you want to keep your Lego bricks so you can easily retrieve and put them away.

How To Store Lego In The Home

You want a storage solution that is handy to bring out when you need to yet keeps your home looking organized.

Without enough storage space, you may find that the Lego bricks keep showing up in various nooks and crannies which can get really annoying.

There are various storage solutions so you could decide on a few to keep them in various places. You may also want some room to continue to buy new Lego collections.

In this guide, we will look at how you can store Lego in your home. This will include storage bins, plastic storage boxes, under the bed drawers, floor playmats, and hanging bags (see also “How To Build Platform For Your Ikea Bed“).

Storage Bins

A really cheap storage solution can be versatile storage bins. These can be used to store all sorts of items, including Lego bricks but also other toys too.

You can typically buy a set of several storage bins so one can be for miscellaneous Lego bricks while a few others can be dedicated to individual collections. 

The storage bins could be aimed at adults yet you can find those with colorful designs that make them ideal to be desired by children.

One drawback with a single large storage bin is how cumbersome and heavy it can get when filled with Lego bricks.  

Plastic Storage Boxes

Like the storage bins, you should label each plastic storage box in a set. These can come in tiered designs of multiple levels in a colorful plastic design.

The set of storage boxes are typically left on the floor to offer easy access to children to pick the Lego bricks or toys that they want.

Plastic storage boxes can vary in size and be aware that while they will not expand or contract, they will get heavier the fuller they are and that can make them difficult to move.

You could even find a set of plastic storage boxes with casters on underneath as a mobile storage solution. With a pair of tall handles, the boxes can be easily moved as a set to a corner of a room to be wheeled out when needed.

Remember that the best plastic storage boxes should come with a lid so they can be stored on top of each other.

You really do not want to spill the contents and lose some vital Lego bricks or leave them for others to accidentally stand on.

Under The Bed Drawers

You may already have drawers that can be brought out from under the bed. While this may be where the kids believe that monsters lay, it can prove to be a great location to store their Lego bricks.

These drawers are typically used for storing bedsheets and spare duvets yet with a few shallow boxes, you can easily store the Lego bricks and quickly bring them out for playtime. 

Floor Playmats

In a lot of households, children simply want to play on the floor and use a large space to spread their Lego bricks.

You can order a large floor playmat to unveil during playtime for kids to dump their Lego bricks and let their imaginations run wild.

These floor mats can reach a diameter of 60 inches which should be enough for a group of kids to play with their Lego bricks or action figures.

As long as there is no issue with mixing the bricks together, you can simply pull a nylon drawstring tight, hoist it onto your shoulder, and carry the floor playmat to be stored ready for next time. 

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Hanging Bags

Should you want to organize your Lego bricks into various specifications in a certain room, you can use hanging bags. These usually come with several pockets (see also “How To Add Monogram Pockets To Your Nightgown“) that you can use for separate colors or individual collections.

The great thing about this storage solution is that the hanging bag can simply be hung from the top of a door for easy access.

Final Thoughts

Once a child gets into Lego bricks, they could quickly want to build up a sizable collection. As more bricks accumulate, the job of keeping them altogether could become more arduous.

Try to ensure that individual collections are kept separately so they can be recreated easily.

However, make sure that you have a healthy collection of miscellaneous Lego bricks to let the imaginations of a group of children run wild. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Specifications Can You Use To Organize Your Lego Bricks?

A lot of parents do not want to simply throw their Lego bricks into a bag or a storage bin as the bricks themselves belong to individual sets that should be kept separately and in one place.

This could be an individual collection for creating a certain item, even at a specific time of year like a Christmas tree. If one collection gets mixed up with another it can be an effort to differentiate between them.

While there should always be storage for miscellaneous bricks and extras, you may want to organize the Lego bricks by their color. 

How Do You Store Lego Bricks Once They Have Been Built?

If you buy an individual Lego collection, it can take a few sittings for the creation to be built. Once it has, you may want to display it but you can dismantle it to be built again at a later date.

Make sure that you use an individual storage bin with a specific label and even include the instructions from the box to make it again.

Also, make sure that the storage bin is large and sturdy enough to hold the bricks and then carry them. 

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