Sleepover Craft Party (What You Will Need)

If you are organizing a sleepover party, then there are a ton of different fun activities you can try out to keep your guests entertained. One popular activity that kids love is crafts – but what kind of supplies will you need? 

Here is a checklist of all the supplies you will need for the ultimate sleepover crafts party! Check out the guide below and make sure you have everything ready for the big night! 

Sleepover Craft Party (What You Will Need)

Sleepover Essentials

Before we check out the craft supplies you will need, first let’s cover the basic sleepover essentials that every sleepover party needs to have! Without these, then your sleepover party is bound to be a dud! 

First up is plenty of blankets and pillows (see also “Halloween Throw Pillows (10 Scary Ideas)“). Each guest usually will want to bring their own, perhaps a sleeping bag, but as the host it’s important to make sure you have enough blankets and pillows so everyone is comfortable.

A good air mattress won’t go amiss either, especially if you know you won’t have enough beds (see also “How To Build Platform For Your Ikea Bed“) or couches for your guests! 

Next up is food. Sleepovers are the ultimate time to pig out on all kinds of junk food. We’re talking pizza, fries, candy, chocolates, popcorn, and fizzy drinks.

Of course, you need to be wary of your guests’ dietary restrictions and allergies – plus make sure parents are aware of what you will be offering their kids for supper! 

Then, you need to gather everything you will need for the night activities. Some classic sleepover activities include games, dancing to music (maybe even a little karaoke), facemasks, and movies.

Of course, you can always think a little outside of the box – which is where we finally come to crafts. 

So, what craft supplies do you need for a sleepover craft party? 

Craft Supplies For A Sleepover Craft Party

Before you start rushing out to get craft supplies, you first need to plan what kind of crafts you are thinking of doing at your sleepover craft party.

If you don’t, you could end up getting the wrong things or not enough supplies, wasting your money and time. 

So, always plan ahead! 

Talk to your child and their guests to see what kind of crafts they like to do. Do they like getting their hands dirty with paint and slime?

Are they old enough to handle materials like hot glue and scissors appropriately? What about a theme – does your kid love princesses or animals, pirates or space? 

Here are some great sleepover craft party ideas. Check them out and find a list of all the supplies you will need to get to make each project! 


Slime is a super popular kid’s toy and it’s very easy to make at home – although your guests will need to be prepared to get their hands dirty! 

First you will need some glue. This can be clear glue, school glue, or white glue – whichever you find easier to find and purchase.

Sleepover Craft Party (What You Will Need) (1)

These are usually available at craft stores or supermarkets, plus there’s plenty of options available online at retailers like 

You will also need to purchase some Borax. Borax is a type of salt which is used mainly as a cleaning product.

This is also easily available at a lot of stores including Walmart, Target, Lowe’s – basically anywhere that sells your typical cleaning products. 

These two ingredients (plus some tap water) is all that’s needed to make some slime but for a craft party, you will want to shake things up a bit.

Make sure you have enough plastic bowls for all of your guests. They will need at least one each. 

Then, you will want to get some food coloring to change the color of the slime.

All you need to purchase is the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) and you can mix them together in the slime to make different colors. You  can also try adding glitter to the mix to make them sparkly! 

Paper Plate Animals

Paper plate animals are a fun crafting activity where kids can just go wild with their imaginations. All you need to do is supply them with the things they need and they can go nuts! 

To make paper plate animals, you will need to first purchase enough paper plates for your guests. Make sure they have at least one each – but a few extra won’t go amiss. 

Next is some paint, paintbrushes, and paint pots. These can be bought from an affordable retailer so don’t bother splashing out on fancy oils or watercolors.

The kids will be using the paint to paint their plates and add any features (spots, stripes, teeth) as they see fit. 

Another great supply to get is some googly eyes. Kids will love how they jump around and move! Of course, you will also need some glue to stick them down. 

From there, you can just collect random craft supplies your guests may want to use – colorful yarn, cards, pens, crayons, glitter, felt material.

Make sure you have enough glue and scissors to go around, and always supervise! 

Finger Painting

Finger painting is a fun and easy craft activity you can try out with parties, plus you only need a few supplies. 

Of course, you will want to get plenty of paint. You can mix some glitters with the paints to make them sparkly but make sure you have a range of colors too.

Pour a fair amount of the paint out onto paper plates and leave them around the table. 

Make sure you have some kind of wipeable tablecloth underneath to protect your table. You can also put down layers of newspapers too. As for the kids, you can find disposable smocks from retailers or online. 

Finally, you will need paper. Offer the kids large sheets of paper (ranging between A2 to A4) to paint on. 

And that’s about it! All you need now is enough table space to paint on and leave the paintings to dry. 

Final Thoughts 

Sleepover craft parties are great fun but the key to knowing what supplies you will need is knowing what crafts you plan on doing.

You can always get a mixture of the craft supplies mentioned above, but knowing what you will need in advance will help you save a lot of money. 

So, think about what crafts your kids will be doing and get the supplies in advance! Good luck! 

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