15 Spooky Dishes You Can Make For Halloween

Spooky season comes and goes, and it’s never too early to start planning. Every time Halloween rolls over, people think of two things: costumes and food.

No spooky season would be complete without the tantalizing food, and I’m here to help you!

15 Spooky Dishes You Can Make For Halloween

Don’t settle for candied apples and pumpkin spiced lattes – there’s more to the world than that. I love both of those options as much as the next person, but come on – we need real food.

If you’ve been perusing the internet for some Halloween dishes to serve this season (see also “15 Festive Dishes You Can Serve For Christmas“), then you’re in the right place.

Here, I’m going to talk you through 15 of my personal favorite spooky dishes that you can make for Halloween (see also “Halloween Throw Pillows (10 Scary Ideas)“). Everyone is guaranteed to love them.

15 Spooky Dishes You Can Make For Halloween

1. Ghostly Pizza

Behind you! Just kidding, this ghostly pizza will be right in front of you, but not for long! Everyone will love this simple pizza because a) it’s got ghosts on it, and b) it’s a pizza.

You can personalize your own pizza to have all your favorite toppings, it’s completely up to you!

You can even change the type of pizza base to make something really special. There are no rules to follow, so you should really just have fun with it.

2. Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Sweet things are a big part of Halloween, not that I need to tell you that. Lucky for everyone, cupcakes fall into that category! But regular old cupcakes won’t do – they aren’t special enough.

These zombie brain cupcakes? Now they’re special.

The cupcake part of this sweet treat is chocolate (you can even add chocolate chips) and the frosting is vanilla.

Vanilla isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, though, so why not make peppermint frosting to complement the chocolate?

Be sure to add green food coloring to mimic those zombie brains, and use some red decorating gel for blood.

3. Cheese Pumpkins

Cheese if love, cheese is life, and you’re not allowed to disagree with me.

Since this is a list for the spooky season, regular old cheese simply won’t do! Instead, you will be turning your cheese balls into pumpkins – because it’s the right thing to do.

Here, you will need some shredded cheddar, packaged cream cheese, garlic salt, dry mustard and some parsley for garnishing.

A pumpkin pan would help, too, but it’s not necessary if you’ve got the skills of a sculptor.

4. Witch Finger Cookies

If you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time, you will have seen these witch finger cookies everywhere (see also “How To Make Felt Cookies (Celebrating The Girl Scouts)“). From TikTok to Facebook and Instagram, these cookies crop up everywhere – and I’m not mad about it!

They’re easy to make, and fun to eat. I can’t guarantee that you won’t feel like Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen while you chow down on these fingers – but that’s part of the fun, right?

5. Saucy Spider With Hairy Leg Sticks

Is the spooky season complete without at least one spider? No! Well, here’s your obligatory spider – the saucy spider with hairy leg sticks. It’s tasty, it’s easy, and it’s so much fun to both make and eat.

You just need some simple pizza dough, marinara sauce, black olives, one egg, and Parmesan cheese. After an hour and a half, you will have a tasty and terrifying saucy spider to share with your friends.

6. Bloody Mary Syringes

If you love a bloody Mary (bloody Mary, bloody M– just kidding), then you need to try this version of the cocktail!

Glasses are way too fancy for Halloween, syringes are where it’s at! Just make sure they are suitable and clean… you don’t know where it’s been.

Just make your favorite bloody Mary drink and syringe it up. This will be the perfect Halloween drink for anyone dressed up as a musical professional.

7. Severed Toes In Bandages

You’ve heard of pigs in blankets, now it’s time for severed toes in bandages!

It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but you get the picture. It’s fun to make and eat, and it’s certain to get a few double-takes – especially if you dip the ends in ketchup.

In less than half an hour, you can turn refrigerated pie crusts, cocktail franks and a couple of almond slices into a dish perfect for Halloween.

I can guarantee that the kids will love them (maybe a little too much?) and they will be a fan favorite.

8. Brain Jello-O Shots

You should definitely put these brain jell-o shots next to the zombie brain cupcakes for a cohesive look.

It would help to have mini brain molds (or even mini heart molds would be cool, too). You can make these jell-o shots in any color you like and use all your favorite flavors, too!

Adding some fun ingredients wouldn’t go amiss, either! Throw in some berries or candy to give the whole thing a little more oomph. Everyone will love you for it.

9. Purple Potion Punch

Take a look at this 5-minute purple potion punch! This drink is so easy and quick to make, even the kids can do it (as long as they are supervised, anyway).

For this tasty treat, all you need is purple grape juice, vanilla ice cream, lemon-lime soda, and some confetti sprinkles and ice cream to garnish it.

Blend everything together until it’s homogenous, and it’s ready to go! You’d better have some suitable glasses for this tantalizing creation, because boring ones aren’t good enough! Get creative and make it as eye-catching as possible.

10. Dirt Pudding

Ready for some chocolatey goodness? I guess you could make a sand pudding if you really love white chocolate, but the classic milk and dark chocolate will always be a winner to me.

All you need for this recipe is instant chocolate pudding mix, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, Oreos, gammy works, and either whole milk and heavy cream, or your non-dairy substitute.

For the record, almond milk will work wonderfully with this because of the earthy flavor – fitting, right?

Use something fun like a jar to serve this in, or a fancy glass if you have one! It only adds to the spooky sensation.

11. Super Spooky Cauldron Spinach Dip

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble here’s your spooky cauldron of spinach dip! Okay, making an edible cauldron from scratch isn’t the easiest, so I won’t judge you if you just buy one.

The spinach dip, however, is easy-peasy and too delicious to pass up. You only need a few simple ingredients, and you will never look back.

12. Monster Truffles

Who doesn’t like a truffle? I love them, and so should you. Luckily, you only need some simple ingredients to make these monster truffles, and it’s so easy.

Oreos, cream cheese, snickers, Reece’s Pieces, while chocolate chips, and an oil of your choice (vegetable or coconut oil is best), and that’s it!

If you want to up your monster game, you’ll need some candy eyeballs, purple sprinkles, and green gel food coloring. It’s easy, and once you start eating, you won’t want to stop.

13. Hearty Harvest Pumpkin Soup

The spooky season is chilly, and this hearty harvest pumpkin soup is exactly what you need to warm your bones. This recipe calls for unsalted butter, a potato, onion, chicken broth, pumpkin, heavy cream, nutmeg, salt, and pepper – that’s it!

What’s better is you can have this dish ready to serve in under an hour. It’s the perfect soup to cuddle on the sofa while you watch your favorite spooky movies.

14. Ghost Cake

I had to include at least one cake on this list. This ghost cake will haunt your dreams for all the right reasons until you make it.

It’s a moist chocolate cake with black vanilla buttercream and, wait for it – meringue ghosts! Making your own meringue is super easy, so don’t even think of trying to find them in a store!

Be sure to guard this cake when you set it out, because your guests won’t be able to stop themselves from going in for seconds.

15. Spooky Chorizo Hand Pies

Finally, we have these handy little spooky chorizo pies! You can make these look however you like, but I personally love the classic jack-o-lantern look.

If you aren’t a fan, you can try making ghostly pies, or some kind of Halloween mask.

In terms of flavor, you can go in any direction you like. There are plenty of different chorizo types to try out, and so just find your favorite!

You can also add your preferred seasoning such as chili or paprika to kick it up a notch.

Final Thoughts

There you go! You’ve reached the end of my 15 favorite spooky dishes that you can make for Halloween. A lot of these dishes are timeless, so no matter the year, they will be a favorite.

The majority of these dishes are super easy to make, and require only simple ingredients. However, don’t feel bad if you just want to save some time and get pre-made dough. Life is busy, and you need to have fun!

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