What To Do With Wedding Toasting Glasses? (7 Pretty Ideas)

When it comes to your big day, no doubt you will have a lot of theme ideas.

What To Do With Wedding Toasting Glasses? (7 Pretty Ideas)

While this can trickle down into the table decor and the venue itself, what about the toasting glasses?

You could just opt for simple clear glasses – or you could go one step further and include the toasting glasses within your theme.

You can do this by adding beautiful lace and flowers, or even brown rope and wood for a DIY rustic theme.

No matter what your theme is – glamorous, beach, rustic or even traditional – there is a toasting glass idea for you.

In this article I have put together 7 pretty ideas for eye-catching toasting glasses. Hopefully you will find an idea to fall in love with.

1. Husband And Wife

If you are looking to customize glass flutes for the wedding couple only, then a fun way to do it is by making it look like the toasting glasses are either wearing a suit or a wedding dress.

This cute pair of glasses includes fabric for the clothing which covers the back of the glass. Each glass includes either a bow tie for the groom and a small pink flower for the bride.

It looks very elegant and would suit a wedding theme that wants quirky and fun ideas, yet in a beautiful setting – obviously surrounded by gorgeous flowers.

You can also make them for the groomsmen and bridesmaids too. While awkward to clean, they might even be great keepsakes.

2. Flowers And Lace

If you want something elegant but not as quirky, then white lace is a great option.

Not only would it be suitable for everyone to have on their toasting glass, but the material used would fit most themes.

All you would need to do is wrap white lace and shiny white fabric around a glass, and then add a flower to fix it together.

This flower will look beautiful if created using the same material, rather than by just adding a fake flower to it. For more elegance, you can also add a fake pearl for extra beauty.

3. Flowers And Pearls

If you are wanting an idea that would fit an elegant or traditional wedding theme with a hint of princess about it, then this idea is a must.

Not only does it look incredibly beautiful, but everyone will be wanting to take this glass home with them.

However, you may just want to create this design for the wedding party – after all, it is quite an intricate design!

The small fake flowers have lines of different sized pearls coming out of them that bring the eyes up and down the glass.

It looks absolutely stunning, and would be the wow factor at toasting time.

4. Rustic Brown Rope And Wooden Hearts

For those after rustic theme ideas, then this one is especially for you.

Not only would this suit a theme that does not want to be too ‘over the top’ with their ideas – and maybe a little less lace and pearls – but it would also suit those who want a sense of DIY and romance.

To create this look, you will need to glue thin brown rope from the bottom of the glass, up the stem, to halfway up the glass.

You can then have wooden cut out hearts with either a name or initials carved into them and hung by a bow.

While you might think it looks understated, it also looks absolutely wonderful.

5. Pink Ribbon And Pearl

This is a take on the brown rope winding its way up the stem look, but using a shiny ribbon instead. Just like the options above, it includes a fake pearl and an overall elegant look.

To create this idea you will need some white or off-white ribbon to wrap tightly around the stem.

Using pink and the off-white ribbon, you will want to create two bows (just like what the groom might be wearing alongside his tuxedo), and put them on top of each other at the top of the stem.

This is then followed by a bow in the style that may be used when wrapping string around a present. Leave the long sides as they are, and place a pearl with the ‘messy’ bow.

6. His And Her

If you want a rustic take on his and hers toasting glasses, then here is an idea that you can have a little fun with.

Once you have added the thin brown rope from the lower stem to halfway up the flute, you can then add some cute accessories for the bride and groom.

You can also add wooden hearts with their own names and the wedding date on too so they can keep them forever.

7. Simple Pearls As A Heart

If you are after simple elegance, then this toasting glass idea is going to be for you.

So long as you have a steady hand, then adding pearls to create a heart shape will be easy.

Even if it is not, give it a try on a tester glass. This overall design is supposed to look effortless yet sophisticated.

You can also add on pre-made stickers which read ‘Bride’, ‘Groom’ and so on. Sometimes the prettiest glasses do not have to have the most stuff added to them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen the 7 prettiest toasting glasses ideas, hopefully you have found an idea or two that may look beautiful at your own wedding (see also “10 Beautiful Bridal Shower Ideas That You Will Love“).

From using fake pearls and flowers, to lace and brown rope, there are many ways to customize toasting glasses for that special day.

They can also act as a keepsake or a wedding favor too, especially if you plan to design a glass for every guest.

Another option is to only have one each for the bride and groom to drink from making them unique to the happy couple.

Whatever you decide to do, no doubt you will find one that suits the overall wedding theme!

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