Cherry Ball Jell-O Shots Recipe

Serving drinks at a party can sometimes feel a little too basic and so, many hosts are always looking for new and fun ways to serve up the alcohol at parties. 

One popular trend is to make Jello-o shots, and there are so many different ways you can make your very own. If you want to make cherry-flavored shots, then check out this recipe for cherry ball Jell-o shots! 

Cherry Ball Jell-o Shots Recipe

A strict reminder – this recipe is for adults only! 

What Are Cherry Ball Jell-O Shots? 

Cherry ball Jell-o shots go by a lot of different names including cherry fireball Jell-o shots or just plain cherry vodka Jell-o shots.

However, despite the various names, all are based on the same concept – vodka infused Jell-o served in tiny shot glasses and flavored with cherries. 

They’re super delicious and a fun way to take shots during a party. Plus, their bright red color makes them super popular for events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or 4th of July parties. 

A lot of people actually prefer to enjoy their shots through Jell-o instead of the traditional way as it burns less, is a tasty little treat that won’t sober you up, and they still get to enjoy the sharp taste of vodka.

They’re also very easy to make at home so if you want to shake up things at your next drinking party, then cherry ball Jell-o shots are definitely worth trying out! 

Making Cherry Ball Jell-O Shots: What You Will Need

If you want to try making your very own cherry ball Jell-o shots, then first you will need to get all the right supplies. This includes the ingredients and cooking tools you will need. 

First, you will need plenty of shot glasses. These are shots after all, and traditionally are meant to be scooped out and eaten instead of drunk.

You can use disposable shot cups and these can be purchased very cheaply from all kinds of stores. Alternatively, you can use 10 souffle cups and serve your cherry ball Jell-o shots in larger portions, almost like a dessert. 

You will also need a tray to serve your shots on and to transport them in and out of your refrigerator. Other than that, you just need a large mixing bowl and a whisk or wooden spoon for stirring. 

As for ingredients, you will need a box of cherry-flavored Jell-o. This box should weigh at least 3 ounces for the below recipe. 

You will also need 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vodka or cherry flavored vodka for additional flavor, 2 tablespoons of grenadine syrup, and some cherries for serving.

If you want your cherry ball Jell-o shots to be extra strong, you can leave out the syrup but it does help deepen the amazing color of cherry shots and makes them sweeter to eat.

So, if you are planning to serve cherry ball Jell-o shots as a treat during a party, then we’d definitely recommend adding in the syrup.

How To Make Cherry Ball Jell-O Shots Recipe

How To Make Cherry Ball Jell-o Shots Recipe

Now you have all of your ingredients at the ready, it’s time to get started and make your very own cherry ball Jell-o shots! 

To start, you will need to set out all of your shot glasses or souffle cups (depending on which you have decided to use) on a tray. 

If you are using the souffle cups, it’s a good idea to place one cherry within each cup, letting the stem stand up out of the cup.

If you are using shot glasses, then no worries – you can later add a cherry on top of each shot once they are done and ready to serve. 

Grab your mixing bowl and add in all of the Jell-o powder from the cherry Jell-o box. Bring your water to the boil and then add 1 cup into the bowl. Be careful not to burn yourself! 

Whisk the Jell-o until it has dissolved completely. Here, using a whisk is ideal but you can also stir using a wooden spoon. 

Once the Jell-o has dissolved, you can now pour in the cup of vodka (or cherry vodka for extra cherry flavor) and then the grenadine syrup if you have chosen to add it. Whisk it all together until it is a fine, smooth liquid. 

Then, it’s time to carefully pour the liquid Jell-o into each of your souffle cups or shot glasses. Try to fill each cup to an equal level, and use up all of the liquid Jell-O.

Pouring directly from the bowl can be tricky so if you are struggling, try transferring the liquid Jell-O to a plastic jug first so you can pour into the smaller cups with ease. 

Open up your refrigerator and carefully slide your tray of shots inside. They should be left for at least 4 hours, or until the gelatin has fully set and is firm to touch. Then, your cherry ball Jell-o shots are ready to serve! 

How To Eat Cherry Ball Jell-O Shots 

The first time I had a Jell-o shot, I wasn’t sure how to eat it. Usually with shots, you just tip it back and the alcohol goes straight down – but the Jell-o will just stay in the cup! 

The trick here is to use a toothpick. Run it around the side of your Jell-o shot to loosen it up and disconnect it from the sides.

Then, when you tip the shot back, the Jell-o will fall out and you can swallow it whole just like a regular shot of alcohol! 

If you are consuming your cherry ball Jell-o shot from a souffle cup, then it’s best to eat it with a spoon.

Trying to swallow all that Jell-o in one go could put you at risk of choking, especially if there’s a cherry floating around in there!  

Final Thoughts

So, cherry ball Jell-o shots are a great way to serve alcohol at a party and also make for some delicious party treats – so follow the recipe above and try making your own!

Good luck! 

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