10 Best Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are fun events where friends and family gather to celebrate the new arrival, and have become a wonderful rite of passage for many women undergoing the marvel of pregnancy.

The baby shower is an opportunity for you to share your excitement with others who will be part of your journey as parents.

10 Best Baby Shower Games

Why Are Baby Showers Important?

Baby showers are important because they allow new mothers to celebrate the arrival of their first child, and get to meet other expectant mums.

They’re also a great opportunity for friends and family members to show their support for the mum-to-be, and to wish her good luck during pregnancy and after birth.

Ultimately, baby showers are a chance for everyone to come together in one place, celebrate the mother (see also “How To Make Love Mug For Mother’s Day“) and the new life that she is creating, and enjoy themselves, as well as share advice, tips, and stories that bring mothers and women together, and help to reassure and guide the mother-to-be.

How Do I Plan A Baby Shower?

Planning a baby shower is easy – simply pick a venue, invite your guests, plan what you want to serve, and buy the things you need – or ask guests to each bring a specific item.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration online, from Pinterest to blogs, and this means that you can really personalize the event to suit the personality and interests of the expectant mother.

Games and activities are an important part of any baby shower, and there are lots of ways to incorporate games into your party – from traditional guessing games to more creative options such as emoji anagrams.

If you’d like to read more about planning a baby shower, we have all you need to know below. Here are 10 of our favorite games for baby showers:

1. Name That Disney Baby

This is one of the most popular games at baby showers – particularly for Disney fans.

Take a piece of paper, and make a list of famous Disney mothers on the left (examples include Perdida, Elastagirl, or Kala). Leave the right of the page blank, and make enough copies of the list for all your guests.

Guests must then add the names of the Disney children to the correct mother – the guest who gets the most matches win.

2. Design A Baby Grow

Design a baby grow for the baby using fabric scraps from the party – these can be pinned or even sewn together if your gang is particularly crafty!

This is a creative activity that allows guests to express themselves while having fun together.

Alternatively, why not hand out fabric pens and paints and invite your loved ones to design a
sweet new outfit for the special arrival – this can be an amazing way for those closest to you and the little one to design something truly personal and special (see also “How To Personalize Glass Ball Ornaments (12 Ways)“), and can be a wonderful keepsake in years to come.

3. Make Your Own Baby Food

Everyone knows that baby food can be a little odd, with its mushy texture and often unusual combination of flavors – so why not see which of your guests is the most creative cook and include a game to create your own baby food?

It’s a great way to get people talking and interacting, and can even be a fantastic way to discover some brand-new recipes that you never would have thought of!

4. Guess Who?

Perfect for an icebreaker, Guess Who is a game that involves guessing the identity of someone based on their baby photo.

To play, you will need a baby picture of each guest, as well as a numbered blank list for each of your guests, and pens or pencils.

Number each of the baby pictures, and challenge your guests to match the face to the name – this can be perfect for groups who may not know one another that well, or for breaking the ice at the start of the party.

5. Baby Shower Trivia

Trivia is always a crowd-pleaser and can be a great way to get guests engaged and excited about the upcoming birth.

Print off a few questions about the mother-to-be and place them somewhere visible during the party. Ask guests to answer the questions and then compare answers to find out whose knowledge is greater!

This can be wonderful for helping your guests and loved ones get to know you better, and can be a fun way to test how much information you’ve all shared with one another.

6. How Old Was She?

Another fun game involving old photos, this one requires a number of photographs of the Mom-to-be at different ages in her life.

These photos are then numbered, and guests are asked to guess the age of the individual at different ages of her life – this is often a real eye-opener, and a great way to get everyone talking about the mom-to-be, and sharing happy memories and experiences.

7. Find The Guest!

A classic game, but also a great way to get to know your guests better, and is another ice-breaker option.

Before the shower, write up a list of facts that could apply to any of your guests – for example, “Has a child under the age of 5″, Went to community college”, “loves chocolate” or “owns a Ford”.

Print multiple copies of the list, and place one on the seat of every guest at your shower.

Once the guests arrive, the game is to try and find someone to fit into each of the categories as quickly as possible, and tick items off the list.

This gives guests a chance to mingle and connect, and means that you are bound to discover some truly fascinating facts about your guests that you may have never known!

8. Name That Baby!

If you have already picked out a name for your little one, and are looking for something a bit more interactive than a traditional baby shower game, then look no further than Name That Baby!

This is a simple yet effective game that allows guests to take part in naming the baby. You’ll need A large piece of paper (or poster board), markers, small pieces of paper, scissors, tape, and some imagination!

First, cut out a large circle from the paper, and tape it onto a wall or door frame. Next, print out a copy of the baby’s scan, or a photo of the parents or pregnant mother, tape it to the center of the circle, and cut out small slips of paper.

Now, ask guests to come forward and tell you what they think their name should be. Each guest writes their idea on a piece of paper, and then sticks it around the edge of the photo – the closest guess, or the guest that guesses perfectly – wins the game!

9. Emoji Anagrams

An emoji anagram is a fun way to engage your guests and make them laugh.

Simply choose a set of emojis, whether by downloading a premade list or putting together your own, and give this list to each of your guests, along with a pen.

The goal is to ask guests to try and guess the words, phrases, or sentences that have been written using emojis, and add their answers to their sheets – try and make sure that these are all baby related to continuing with the baby shower theme.

The guests who get the most right answers will be crowned the winner.

10. The Price Is Right

We all know that having a baby is expensive – but do your guests have any real idea just how high the price of items can climb?

This game may help give them some perspective – and it can be a lot of fun to see different understandings and ideas!

To play, you will need paper, pens, and a printed list of baby items – consider all the things you have already purchased, as well as the cost of anything you are likely to need before the baby arrives.

Then, hand each of your guests a copy of the list, and add specific quantities of items – for example, a box of 50 Pampers Swaddlers.

Ask each guest to make an estimate of the cost of each item, and then have them come up with a total for the entire list – whoever is closest will win.

You can also use an auction style as an alternative to this game, and this can be a lot of fun if you have already purchased most of your essential items.

Set up a mini “auction room” with your guests in rows of chairs and yourself as the auctioneer at the lectern. “Auction off” each of the items, asking your guests to place bids at the price that they think the item retails for.

Whoever is closest will win – and while we wouldn’t recommend giving away your hard-earned baby items, an alternative prize is likely to be welcome!

Final Thoughts

Having a baby is a big change in anyone’s life, and a baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the fact that the new parents are expecting a little bundle of joy.

It’s also a time to share advice, tips, and stories with others who are going through similar experiences and to offer congratulations and support.

With our guide to games and activities (see also “Giant Jenga Game (DIY Guide)“), you can ensure that your baby shower is everything it should be – and more!

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