10 Beautiful Bridal Shower Ideas That You Will Love

If you are planning a bridal shower, then no doubt you are going to want it to be the best ever. The bridal shower is a must-have event before the bride’s big day.

10 Beautiful Bridal Shower Ideas That You Will Love

Not only will it show her how much you care, but it gives the bride a chance to be pampered before she says “I do”.

Being surrounded by both her family and friends is a great time to give her your well wishes, but it is also a wonderful time to spoil her rotten.

If you are looking for some bridal shower inspiration, then look no further. I have put together 10 beautiful bridal shower ideas that you will love.

1. Create A Cupcake Masterpiece

If you have the skills, or know somebody in the bridal party that does, then creating some bespoke cupcakes is always a good idea.

However, to make it even more special, the cupcakes will be placed to look like the bride.

All that is needed is cupcakes in their cases placed on the table to resemble the shape of the dress.

Obviously it does not have to look exactly like the dress, just a typical wedding dress style will do (see also “What To Do With Wedding Toasting Glasses? (7 Pretty Ideas)“).

Each cupcake will then need a swirl of white frosting to resemble the color of the wedding dress.

You can then add decorations on particular parts of the dress, for example the skirt or the neckline.

This gives it the finishing touches. It will be really cute and allow everyone to take a cupcake.

For this reason, find out how many guests are going to the bridal shower so nobody is left out.

2. The Bride And Groom Game

No bridal shower is complete without some fun games (see also “10 Best Baby Shower Games“). To make a game related to the wedding, a quirky ‘who knows the couple best’ game can be enjoyable and very entertaining.

While not serious, it is an interesting way to see how much you really know about the bride and groom.

For example, can you remember the first time the bride told the groom “I love you”?

Or perhaps you might know exactly how long they have been together for? For the person with the most correct answers, give them a price.

This could be something like a small bouquet of flowers, or an extra sweet treat.

It does not have to be a major prize, just something to make the whole experience just that little bit more memorable for everyone.

3. Welcome To The Bridal Shower Drink

If you are looking to really treat the guests at the bridal shower and put on a great event, then including a welcome drink is a fun way to do just that.

In fact, you can set up a dedicated station right near the entrance door with a sign so people can grab a drink as soon as they arrive.

Remember to dress up the station in theme with the bridal shower.

Also, it is a good idea to offer at least two different types of drink – for example red or white wine – as it gives people choice.

Also, if you have people who do not drink alcohol, have alternatives too – just remember to add a sign so it is clear what they are.

It may also be worth having more non-alcoholic drinks than planned in case somebody is looking not to consume any.

4. Showcase The Bridal Party

To highlight those in the bridal party, create a cute board to hang up using polaroid style photos, string and clips.

It will be fun to use candid photos of them, but ask each of them first before finalizing which photo to include.

You can design the board in the theme of the wedding if you already know it. Also, if you prefer you can use photo frames instead and have them placed on a table.

Or, you can even stick the pictures to the wall in a cute collage. The ideas are endless, just make sure it fits with the final theme of the bridal shower.

5. Wedding Favors At The Bridal Shower

While wedding favors are more common to have at a wedding, it is also a great idea to have them at the bridal shower too, especially if there has been a number of people involved to make it happen.

One great bridal shower favor is mini wine bottles, or non-alcoholic versions for those who do not drink. However, instead of just handing them out as is, create a beautiful tag.

The tag should be wrapped around the bottleneck using ribbon, and have the information on it in beautiful writing and colors.

For example, it should state a thanks for coming to [NAME] bridal shower, and what the date was. It adds to the attractiveness of the gift.

If you want to go a step further, stick your own labels onto the bottle.

6. Pretty Donut Bar

Whether you buy them or have a go at making them yourself, one cute thing to have is a donut bar. However, make sure they have icing and sprinkles for the best effect.

A donut bar consists of placing them on a cake stand and having cake toppers in each one. They should be bride themed, such as ‘Miss to Mrs’ and diamond rings.

If you do not want donuts, then you could have cupcakes instead or something else entirely. So long as they are full of sugar and look too good to eat, then they will be a perfect choice.

7. A Photo Frame

There are lots of photo opportunities at a bridal shower. One unique way of taking photos is by creating a photo frame.

The person holds up the frame, it then looks like they are within the frame like a portrait picture, and then the photograph is taken.

You can build up a collection and have these printed out for fun. Plus other people can share their own pictures on social media.

The fun thing about the frame is that you can decorate it to fit the overall theme of the wedding and bridal shower.

For example the frame color and what decorations you add on to it.

It is also a really fun project to do as you head closer to the bridal shower. Oh, and it can be reused for the wedding too!

8. Flower Bridal Shower Favors

Another idea when it comes to bridal shower favors is creating your own plant pots and adding flowers or plants into them.

This is a great idea for a bride who loves nature and all things rustic. Plus, it makes a really personal gift too.

All you need is an empty can which should be painted a bright color, potting soil and either a plant or a flower to go inside it.

You could also just use water if it is a chopped flower. Add a tag using brown string to say thank you as well. Stick to flowers or succulent plants.

Avoid using anything specialized that is difficult to look after, or cacti which can be painful and difficult to transport with. Yes – you need to make sure people can travel home with these!

9. A Bubbly Bar

Instead of having someone hand out drinks, you should create a space dedicated to a bubbly bar. It also adds an extra touch to the bridal shower.

For example, you can create a really cute sign to grab a person’s attention that it is a bubbly bar. You can also add decorations to the bubbly bar itself like flowers and vases.

Also, you can add different kinds of beverages within purpose bought bottles. Just remember to create cute tags so people know exactly what it is that is available.

Here you can also add bottles of bubbly which may be opened at specific times to fill glasses up. Just have fun with it because there are so many ideas to try.

10. A Photo Opportunity

If there is one certain thing to happen at the bridal shower, then it is the fact people will be taking photos – and lots of them!

This means it is important to have a dedicated photo taking area.

While people will be taking their own photos no matter where they are at the bridal shower, this area gives people the chance to have a cute backdrop in theme with the wedding.

You can dress it up with ‘bride’ and engagement ring balloons.

You can also use something like an Instax for people to have their picture taken and then able to take it away as a small memento.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have looked through all 10 beautiful bridal shower ideas, hopefully you have found something (or a few) things that you can do on the day before the bride’s wonderful wedding comes around.

From creating a gorgeous photo backdrop and making bride-to-be games, to having a welcome drink station and a board to showcase the bridal party.

There are so many great ideas for a bridal shower.

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