How To Organize Jeans Collection

If, like me, you are prone to leaving your jeans looking like something has exploded in your closet, then you are going to want to read on.

Whether you want to become more organized, or need to maximize the use of space in a small area, organizing your jeans collection is a great idea.

How To Organize Jeans Collection

From placing them in color or style order, to putting certain brands together, there are many ways to organize your (growing) collection of jeans – and to be honest, we all love a great pair of jeans!

In this article you will find out how to organize your jeans collection to keep them from needing to be ironed, but also so they are much easier to find when you want to wear a certain pair. 

What Is The Best Way To Store Jeans?

Here are a few simple ways to fold and store your jeans to make sure they are as crease free as possible to avoid having to iron. 

Fold Jeans Into A Drawer

If you would prefer to keep your closest for other items, or if you do not have a closet at all, then folding your jeans and putting them in a drawer is a great option.

However, you will need to be careful as folding jeans can cause unwanted creases. Even so, filing your jeans away in a drawer is one of the best ways to organize them.

Here is how to do it:

  • Place the jeans onto the floor and smooth away creases with your hand.
  • Fold and place one half of the jeans on top of the other lengthwise. It is best to have the inside of the jeans facing each other.
  • Fold the jeans by bringing the hem of the legs to the waistband. 
  • Fold them again in the same way until they are the size to fit in your drawer. Do remember to smooth out any creases as you go along. 

Folding your jeans into a drawer is a really good way to easily organize them into colors and styles. 

Hang Jeans In A Closet

If you own dress pants, then it is likely that you will have hung these up in your closet. This is a great way to avoid them from becoming creased.

However, did you know that jeans can be hung up too?

Doing so will avoid the jeans from also becoming creased – which can be terribly annoying in denim material. 

There are a few ways to hang jeans. For example, you can hang them over a hanger with a bar, or use clips to hold them up from the waistband.

However, one thing you will want to avoid is hanging your jeans from the belt loops.

Over time the belt loops will rip away due to the constantine pulling from the clip of the hanger. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Hanger with a bar (triangle)
  • Clamps or clips on the waistband
  • A hanger with tiers that allows for you to place more than one pair of jeans on it

Stack Jeans Upon A Shelf

If you do not have dedicated closet space or a drawer, jeans can look great on a shelf. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For example, you will find that limiting the stack to 5 pairs of jeans is best. This avoids them falling over.

You will also want to stack the jeans on their own on the shelf.

Having two stacks on one shelf may cause you to knock the other stack when removing jeans, or not be able to see both the stacks of jeans properly. 

Roll Jeans Up To Store Away

Rolling jeans is an alternative to folding them, and is a better way to ensure that they do not become creased.

This method is a great space saver, and is also a good way to pack jeans when going away on vacation.

However, having said that, this method is best when the jeans are either straight or skinny. Other jeans may struggle to roll up without creases.

Here is how to do it:

  • Place the jeans flat on the floor and smooth away creases.
  • Fold the jeans in half so the inside faces the other. 
  • Starting from the hem, roll the jeans up to the waistband tightly. You may need to smooth out creases as you go. 

Should Jeans Be Color Coded?

Should Jeans Be Color Coded?

While knowing how to fold or roll jeans plays an important role when organizing them, you may want to go a step further.

If you have certain colors of jeans, it can be a good idea to put the similar colors together.

This way, you are not searching your collection of jeans for a certain pair. Instead, you can find all of the black jeans together and then find the exact pair of jeans that you are looking for.

Should Style Of Jeans Be Put Together?

Another good tip when organizing your jeans collection is to place the style of the jeans together. 

For example, if you have skinny fit jeans among many other styles, you may want to place these together. 

The reason for this is because on the face of it when your jeans are folded or rolled, you may not know which jeans they are.

However, this might not be much of a problem if the jeans are hung up.

You could even place the style of jeans together alongside similar colors too. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to organize your jeans is a great way to make the use of space, but also avoid the jeans from becoming creased.

Fortunately, there are a few options when it comes to organizing jeans.

From stacking them on a shelf and rolling them into a drawer, from folding them into a drawer instead, or hanging them up inside the closet.

Hopefully this simple guide has helped you on your way to being super organized when it comes to your jeans!

Oh, and don’t forget you can color organize them too!

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