Remodel The Master Bath: 7 Wonderful Ideas For Your Home

Everyone wants their home to have a master bath – a private bathroom that adjoins the master bedroom, well out of the way of guests or other inhabitants of your home.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy your morning and nightly routine in complete peace and quiet, with ultimate privacy. 

Remodel The Master Bath 7 Wonderful Ideas For Your Home

So, the master bath is an important part of your home and it’s important to keep the room updated and decorative. But how?

Here are seven wonderful ideas you can use to remodel your master bath! 

1. Fireplace Master Bath 

Fireplaces are not just for living areas as more and more people are discovering the wonders of adding a fireplace to your master bath! 

This remodeling idea for a master bathroom is definitely luxurious and perfect for those who love to use their master bath as a place to unwind and relax.

A fireplace near your bath is ideal for providing additional heat (especially during cold winters), and also gives you a hypnotizing decorative point to enjoy while you soak in the water.

The natural light also helps make your master bath feel more comfortable and calm while you unwind.

You can add all kinds of fireplaces to your master bathroom – a rustic log fire, a modern stone fireplace built into the wall, or a traditional fireplace.

So, you are sure to find a fireplace to suit your master bathroom’s style and decor! 

2. Corner Bath

When remodeling your master bath, why not play with the layout and shape of the bath itself? 

Corner baths are a great way to shake up the layout of your master bathroom and can be a huge help if your master bath is a bit short on space.

By fitting your bath into the corner of the room, you can utilize the rest of the wall and floor space it leaves behind for showers, cabinets, and standing space to dry yourself off. 

3. Double Sink Vanity

If you share your master bath with another, then installing a double sink vanity is a super cute and useful idea to try out. 

Double sink vanities may seem obsolete to some people (especially if you live on your own) as they involve two separate sinks, usually with cabinets underneath, and are supposed to be fitted alongside two separate mirrors and wall lights. 

Not only are double sink vanities super cute because you and your partner can go through your morning and night routines side by side without having to share a sink, but they’re super useful as they double your under storage space for all of your towels, soaps, and other bathroom clutter.

This means you and your partner can keep your own products separate without running out space. 

4. In-Wall Shower Shelves

Most master bathrooms include some kind of shower but adding shelves to the inside of your shower has its ups and downs. 

On the plus side, it’s really handy to have your soaps and shampoos close to hand in the shower but those extra shelves can take up a lot of space in an already enclosed area. The answer to this issue? Built in-wall shelves! 

In-wall shelves look like little nooks that stick into the walls of your shower. Here, you can store your soaps, shavers, cloths, and any other supplies you need while you shower. Problem solved! 

5. Shower Bench 

Having a seat area in your shower is super useful for those days where you cannot bear to stand up for so long.

If you’re having mobility issues or feel unwell, then having somewhere safe to sit down and shower is incredibly important.

Remodel The Master Bath 7 Wonderful Ideas For Your Home (1)

Not only that but it also future-proofs your shower for when you are later on in your years and showering takes a lot longer than it used to. 

So, why not try installing a shower bench or chair in your shower? 

Some people simply put a waterproof stool or chair in their walk-in shower but others are building benches into the stone wall of their shower.

You can be creative with the design and materials but having a shower bench is very practical and can also be very stylish too. 

6. Enclosed Shower

This remodeling idea may seem obvious but when we’re talking about enclosed showers, we’re not talking about a glass cubicle or some kind of screen.

Oh no, we are talking about building walls around your shower, fitting in a wooden door or leaving an open archway, to completely enclose your shower. 

This idea is not for everyone – some people prefer their master bathrooms to be open and feel bigger but if the room is way too big, then using opaque walls is a great way to help make things cozier. 

7. Laundry Hamper Cabinet

This final idea may be a small one but it’s definitely one we’d recommend due to its handiness and how it can completely transform your master bathroom.

It involves a laundry hamper cabinet – a simple cabinet that tips outwards to reveal a hidden hamper so you can easily drop your dirty laundry inside. 

We love this idea, especially for a master bathroom, as the last thing you want when you are trying to relax is to see or smell dirty laundry in a hamper nearby. 

This idea is very easy and achievable for a lot of people, no matter how big or small your master bathroom is.

You can also easily change the design of your laundry hamper cabinet to suit the overall style and decor of your master bathroom. 

Plus, you can use it in many ways. You don’t need the cabinet to hold a hamper of dirty laundry – you can use it as a way to store clean towels too! 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a ton of remodeling ideas you can try out for your master bath.

From the bathtub to the shower to the cabinets you use for storage, there are so many different ways you can change the layout and style of your master bath – so check them out and find the right one for you! 

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