How To Decorate Your Beach Condo (5 Fun Ideas)

Owning a condo by the beach is an absolute dream, but quite a few people can get stuck when it comes to decorating their beach condo. 

Most condos are small spaces so it’s important to decorate your condo to best suit its advantages and avoid making the space feel cramped and uncomfortable.

How To Decorate Your Beach Condo (5 Fun Ideas)

On top of that, you will also want to put your own style into your condo and make it feel like your home and not a hotel. 

So, if you need some inspiration when it comes to decorating your beach condo, here are 5 fun ideas to check out! 

5 Fun Beach Condo Decor Ideas

Nautical Theme 

Using a nautical theme for your beach condo may feel like an obvious choice but really, can you think of anywhere better to utilize this fun and quirky theme? 

The word ‘nautical’ is often used to refer to things associated with the ocean and sailing, and so it’s an ideal theme to use when interior decorating rooms near the ocean.

It uses light colors, predominantly blues and whites, and this helps brighten up rooms to feel airy and fresh. 

Nautical decor is best defined by its use of navy and white horizontal stripes, either painted directly onto the walls or used as pattern for cushions and blankets.

Wood is a dominant theme when it comes to wall paneling, flooring, and furniture, and is either painted pure white or made from light wood that resembles driftwood. 

Iconography of the theme includes marine creatures such as swordfish or starfish, seashells, anchors, and sailboats.

You can even get really creative and use netting and fishhooks in your decorations from wall pieces, lighting, and rugs. 

Tropical Theme 

If white and blue is not your style, then perhaps opting for a more tropical theme will help your condo suit your style while staying near the beach. 

Tropical decor is great for giving your home a bright, summery vibe while staying chic. It combines modern and traditional elements together, keeping your home homey and comfortable but suitable for high temperatures. 

Green is a dominant color in this theme and can be added to your home through various plants.

Palm trees, monstera, tropical ferns, orchids – these are just a few tropical plants you should try to add to your beach condo.

If you’re not into keeping live plants then you can either opt for fake ones or decorate your walls in green wallpaper with jungle-esque designs. 

Furniture should use deep, orange woods such as mango wood or mahogany, coupled with printed blankets and cushions that bring additional colors such as yellow, orange, or navy.

If you want, you can shake up the textures by adding wicker furniture or decorations including baskets, plant baskets, and single chairs. 

As for flooring, using white and black tiles, or light and dark wood checkered floors, is a great way to bring more pattern and vibrancy to your tropical home.

Plus, avoiding carpets and rugs means that sweeping up sand will be super easy! 

Rustic Decor 

Rustic decor has become super popular in recent years but sometimes, people make the mistake of leaning too heavily into it.

This is especially true for beach condos – the whiplash between the bright coastal view and the English ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic can create too much contrast. 

However, it is possible to add rustic decor to your beach condo while still complementing the setting of your home (see also “Remodel The Master Bath: 7 Wonderful Ideas For Your Home“). 

How To Decorate Your Beach Condo (5 Fun Ideas) (1)

Relying on a color palette of white and light woods, pale greens and blues, is a great place to start.

Pale wooden furniture such as bare tables and chairs, coffee tables and stands, help bring a sense of traditionalism to your condo without going overboard with bare bricks, tiles and stone.

Couple the hard texture of these woods with soft, cotton blankets and cushions to create a balance and make your condo feel cozy.

For decor, add plants and flowers around the space along with decorative candles, lamps, and picture frames. The more rustic these elements are, the better.

Eclectic Decor

Eclectic decor is a really bright and fun style you can use to decorate your beach condo. It’s pretty loud and busy, but this can really suit those who want a more modern design for their beach condo but still keep things colorful and cozy. 

To try out some eclectic decor, you will want a lot of bright, colorful prints to decorate your walls with rather than patterned wallpaper or solid colors.

Colored furniture like fabric couches, rugs, blankets, and patterned cushions are also important features to bring bold colors  to your decor. 

Speaking of colors, some popular ones you may want to consider for a beach condo include emerald green, mustard, orange, baby blue, and fuchsia.

Only pick one or two bold colors and match this with plenty of white, black, and wooden tones. 

Add plenty of plants, textures, and books, and you will have a great eclectic decorated beach condo! 

Coastal Grandma Theme

One growing trend in recent years is the trend of the coastal grandma.

This theme can extend to clothing and habits, but it also covers decor too – and it’s perfect for those who want coastal themed beach decor and plenty of traditional furniture. 

Coastal grandma uses a lot of light colors such as white, pale blue, and pale light woods – very similar to a nautical theme.

However, these are combined with traditional touches such as wicker furniture, driftwood decorations, cotton cushions, cozy rugs and blankets. 

This style also adds plenty of indoor plants, seashells, books, and embroidery to help bring additional color and texture to your room. 

Final Thoughts

So, there are plenty of fun ways you can decorate your beach condo. Check out the ideas we have highlighted above to find out which style and theme best suits your personal preferences and location. There’s plenty to choose from! 

We really hope this article has helped inspire you with plenty of ideas for your beach condo decor. Good luck!

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