How To Hang Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are super handy things – you can use them to wipe up water, dry your hands after washing dishes, or use them to dry the dishes themselves!

As a result, it’s very likely that you have more than one kitchen towel lying around – but how should you store them?

How To Hang Kitchen Towels

Hanging your kitchen towels rather than folding them up in a draw somewhere allows them to dry in between each use, but a lot of people struggle to find the best place to hang their kitchen towels. 

Here are some great ways you can hang kitchen towels around your kitchen (see also “How To Make A Car Seat Cover (With A Sweat Towel)“).Check out the ideas below, and find out if there are any you would like to try so your kitchen looks less cluttered. 

Hang Them Over Appliance Handles

This method is probably the most common method of hanging kitchen towels and is used in thousands (if not millions) of homes around the world.

All you have to do is take your kitchen towel when you are done using it and drape it over a horizontal handle of an appliance. It’s easy! 

Most people use the handles on their oven to hand their kitchen towels and this method is so popular for many different reasons.

Not only does it mean your towels are close to hand while cooking, but you don’t need to fuss with any screws or hooks. Just drape your towel half-way over the handle and it will be ready and waiting for you the next time you need it. 

However, there are a few issues with this method. A lot of people don’t like how close their kitchen towels are to the oven and if there’s an open flame or a lot of heat, you could be risking your towels catching fire.

However, this is unlikely so long as the towels do not come in direct contact with any heat or flame. 

Another issue is that there’s always the risk that your towel will slip off or drape too low and touch the floor – and that’s hardly sanitary. 

Some people prefer to drape their kitchen towels over the side of their kitchen sink.

Although this keeps the towel away from heat, it instead leaves your kitchen towel at risk of constantly being dampened every time you want to use your sink.

Think about it – if you want to swill out a cup or bowl before you use it, you will have to keep removing the kitchen towel! 

Use Exposed Hooks Or Towel Bars

If you have an island in your kitchen, then using the end of the cabinet is a great way to hang your kitchen towels.

Some people use this free space to install a towel bar, kind of like the one you use in bathrooms or showers. Alternatively, you can attach small hooks and hang your towels (and oven gloves) off these hooks. 

Of course there’s some issues with this method too.

Having hooks so low down can be a hazard if you have kids, plus it’s easy to walk by and accidentally snag your clothing on them – ouch! Plus, the towels are still at risk of falling off and onto the floor. 

A possible solution to these issues would be to install your towel bar high up and over a counter somewhere.

Although the hook will now be at your eye-level, it will keep your kitchen towel well away from the floor. Just make sure not to hang them over your stove! 

This method also involves installing hooks and bars – which means you will need a drill, screws, and you will be making permanent holes in your cabinets or walls.

How To Hang Kitchen Towels (1)

So, if you change your mind later, you will have a permanent mark left on your kitchen! 

Some creative geniuses have even used magnetic hooks attached to their refrigerators as hooks to help hang up their kitchen towels.

This tackles the worries about making any permanent changes to your kitchen but still means your towels will likely fall onto the floor if it slips off or if the magnet is not strong enough.

On the other hand, it’s a great decorative idea (see also “How To Decorate Your Beach Condo (5 Fun Ideas)“) that allows you to display your kitchen towels and keep them super close to hand while you are cooking or cleaning.

So, some people prefer this option as it keeps their kitchen towels away from sources of heat and flame but they are still easy to grab in a hurry. 

Install Hidden Towel Holders

You don’t have to hang your kitchen towels and keep them exposed in your kitchen. Another popular method involves using storage bars or small, wire-like towel holders inside your kitchen cabinets.

There, you can hang your kitchen towel and then shut the cabinet door, keeping your kitchen towels out of sight. 

There are two main types of hidden towel holders – ones that attach to the cabinet door, and the other that pulls out.

However, both will need installing and will leave permanent marks and holes in your kitchen furniture if you choose to install them.

You can find towel holders that hook over your cabinet door rather than require drilling or sticking on – but then your cabinet door won’t shut properly and will always be slightly ajar. 

Despite this, hidden towel holders are great accessories which allow you to hang your kitchen towels out of sight so they are not cluttering up your kitchen. 

They are not perfect, though. Another issue is that if you want to grab your kitchen towel in a hurry, you need to go through extra steps to grab it in comparison to the methods we mentioned above.

Ultimately, it all depends on how often you find yourself rushing to find your kitchen towel. 

Final Thoughts

So, there are lots of places and methods you can use to hang up your kitchen towels.

From magnetic hooks to appliance handles, to installing special hidden holders, you definitely have a lot of options to choose from. Take another look at them and pick out the best one for you! 

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