Cruising At 40: What Makes The Perfect Holiday?

Have you ever wondered what the ingredients are to make a perfect holiday? You could be the biggest jetsetter ever known, but knowing what makes for the perfect holiday is not easy. There are so many things to consider. 

Sure, a good holiday needs to start with a location or travel operator you want, but it is so much more than that. 

Cruising At 40 What Makes The Perfect Holiday

I have traveled a great deal in my life so far, and what can I tell you about the perfect holiday? 

Well… In my experience, a holiday needs to be fun and memorable, but it also needs to be a holiday from stress, worry, and the general day-to-day chaos that leaves us tense and wanting to get away in the first place. 

That is right, in my eyes, a holiday, be it on a cheap flight, a national or international holiday, or a cruise, it needs to be filled with both adventure and relaxation. You should not feel exhausted from your adventures, but fulfilled. 

Let’s talk about this some more! 

Another Trip To Paradise?

Many of us consider cruises at some point in our lives, as much as there has been plenty of chaos relative to cruises, there is so much we love about them too.

We cannot help but be drawn to the freedom of being out on the sea for so long away from our responsibilities and chaotic home lives. 

In your 40s, you are probably like me… Exhausted, fed up with the day-to-day routine, thirsty for something different.

You are hardly going to fancy a world tour though, and a holiday that involves a lot of strenuous activity is just not ideal. 

A cruise fits quite well, you can explore when you dock up, and the rest of the time it’s feet up and relaxation! 

Is it all that though? Cruises have a reputation, but sometimes we all worry that these great reputations are just another marketing ploy. What do those who work on these cruises think? 

“When you work in the travel industry, people assume you get blasé. Oh, another trip to paradise? Whatever! Sure, maybe that could happen, but for me, there is no sign of it just yet.

The day I do not feel like a giddy school girl when I lock up my house and set off somewhere new is the day I change jobs’ ‘.

If workers find cruising exciting, surely it is more than we tend to think, and the reputation is legitimate. A good sign! 

Perhaps cruising in your 40s is the perfect recipe for the perfect holiday away from it all? 

But, what if you want a solo trip, maybe you do not have a partner, and you don’t fancy taking any friends. Is cruising still a good idea? 

I say, yes! 

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Cruising Solo In Your 40s

Why do I think it is a good idea to cruise in your 40s even if you are doing it solo? Well, you do not need anyone around to enjoy a cruise. Cruises are entertainment, adventure and relaxation. 

In some cases, having others with you could even ruin the relaxation you planned on having. 

Aside from that, there is plenty on offer, you can meet new people and make new friends, find a new adventure and rediscover a part of yourself, and relax in ways you never get to at home. 

Making Friends

Most cruises will offer plenty of opportunities for social interaction during the cruise. Laid -back bars, open decks, dining salons, and more are all great places onboard a cruise to find a new friend. 

So many ships also have tour managers which are responsible for ensuring everyone has a great time and social interactions go well. 

A small ship cruising is even better for solo parties as they can often involve shared meals, which is a great way to make new friends, and allows you to sit at different tables during a meal and get to know other travelers. 


Traveling alone, you will get a variety of optional excursions allowing you to really delve in deep to wherever your destination is. Some cruises can offer wine tasting, kayaking, zip-lining or bungee jumping. 

But, you can also involve yourself in new cultures, and find out new things about our world between your relaxation sessions. 


Luckily with a cruise everything is all included. You do not need to be stressing over accommodation or transport.

The planning is done for you, just choose what else you want to do, select your itinerary and once you are on board, sit back, relax and let the good times roll. 

Many cruises will have relaxation options as well, allowing you to have a massage, spa day, go swimming, or you could just relax on the deck, it is up to you.

The Ingredients For The Perfect Holiday

The perfect holiday is made from a mixture of relaxation and adventure. You can rejuvenate from your busy day-to-day life, but you also get to enjoy a new atmosphere, a new world, and take in the beauty of different surroundings. 

For many of us a perfect holiday conjures up pictures of warm sandy beaches, with crystal blue seas, but for others, sunbathing and beaches is not the ideal holiday, for them, it could be a map, hiking boots, and an itinerary packed full. 

So, the perfect holiday is a mixture of both of these things. 


Cruises have the perfect holiday combination, adventure and relaxation. It is ideal. However, in your 40s is this still ideal for you? Of course, it is! It depends on what you want from a holiday away, but a cruise fits most people. 

Check out different travel agents and see what is on offer for you to enjoy. There are so many options, you are sure to find a cruise that suits you! 

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